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6 Jan 2017

Has Uber taken its drivers for a ride?

If you live in London, the chances are that you’ve used Uber for its quick and easy taxi service. But whilst it may be making our lives easier, it seems to be driving its workers crazy. Earlier last year two Uber drivers took Uber to court, arguing that they were employees of the company, rather […]

15 Dec 2016

A Work Christmas Party Gone Wrong – Vicarious Liability

It wouldn’t really be Christmas without our usual warning of Christmas party high jinks, would it? I promise no bah humbug here, just doing our job…. So, it might be the season of goodwill and yet at one Christmas party, there was a little bit more damage left than just a few hangovers. The case […]

15 Dec 2016

Gender Pay

The Government published updated draft regulations on Gender Pay on 6 December 2016, which are expected to come into force on 6 April 2017.
The Regulations have addressed some of the concerns raised during consultation on the earlier version, including: Defining ‘relevant employee’ to include workers and employees, but with an exception from the reporting duty […]

23 Nov 2016

Dealing with Discrimination – The ‘Gay Cake’ Case

So, the ‘gay cake’ case (more formally known as Lee v Ashers Baking Company), has been back in the news this week as the bakers try to work out whether they can appeal to a higher court, and if so which one? This is a tricky issue and involves a conflict between beliefs and anti-discrimination […]

7 Nov 2016

Can a dismissal be implied?

A dismissal must be clearly communicated to an employee and in the case of Sandle v Adecco, it could not be implied that the employment relationship had been terminated. In this case, the agency employee had been on secondment to a company. When the assignment ended, the agency made no effort to find the employee […]

5 Oct 2016

Are Employers Paying Up?

All employers are required to pay the National living wage (NLW) of £7.20 to anyone over the age of 25, unless they are in the first year of their apprenticeship. This week, it has been revealed that just three employers have been prosecuted for paying workers below the minimum wage, despite HMRC naming and shaming […]

14 Jul 2016

Five Things I Have Learned as an In-house Lawyer…

Almost nine years ago, I was sent on a six-week secondment from the City office of a leading national law firm, to the employment, pensions and benefits legal team at Barclays Bank plc. I had never considered a career as an in-house lawyer and my overwhelming feeling at this point, six weeks before my wedding, […]

30 Jun 2016

What do Coca Cola, Barclays Bank and MPM have in common? Answer: Sarah Wilder.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Sarah Wilder to our team here at MPM Legal as of July 4th 2016. With a highly impressive resume, Sarah’s experience will enhance the range of services we can offer our clients. Sarah joins us from Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), where she was the lead UK employment lawyer.  […]

23 Jun 2016

4 things your employees NEED to know about personal emails at work

1) Employees should avoid using work email for communications on personal issues unless they are happy for their employer to read them. 2) Anything sent via work email might not remain private in the long run. 3) Employees should act as professionally on work email as they would in a face to face workplace meeting. 4) […]

24 May 2016

What to do if a reference for a prospective employee shows long-term absence

In a recent Employment Tribunal (West v Yorkshire Ambulance Services NHS Trust) the claimant was successful in a claim for discrimination on the basis of disability when the prospective employer withdrew a job offer having discovered details of the claimant’s record of long-term absences. Mrs West was offered a conditional job offer but when the […]