Are any of your employees currently working overseas?

One significant effect of the global pandemic on the world of work has been where employees have based themselves for work. We have all seen employees use the opportunity of remote working to relocate to somewhere that better suits them – whether that is a return to family in a native country, a chance to experience a different continent or working on the laptop on a beach somewhere hot.

But what employment law issues does this way of cross border working create? What can be done about them? How do you balance making sure that your company is protected whilst at the same time balancing your employee’s desires and hopes for future flexible working?

Join our panel of English, Dutch and German employment lawyers from mpm legal, Liber Dock and Hangarter Legal, who will be discussing a fictional case study highlighting the challenges of employees and employers working from different countries, what pitfalls to watch out for, what opportunities are available and what the wider considerations for businesses embracing this way of working are.

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