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3 Apr 2017

Are ‘Workers’ about to be no more?

According to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy select committee, the distinction between ‘employee’ and ‘worker’ should be abolished. This comes to light after the spotlight is firmly shining on the protections agency workers and those in the gig economy. According to the inquiry there is currently a three-tier structure of employment relationships. ‘Employees’ are […]

24 Mar 2017

Are mothers AND fathers being punished at work?

A recent report has found that many fathers do not feel that their childcare needs are being supported in the workplace. The report found that fathers are more likely to face objections when seeking an improved work-life balance, for example when requesting flexible working, while mothers are more likely to be praised for their dedication to […]

27 Feb 2017

Love is in the air, and maybe in the workplace?

It’s February, Valentine’s Day was just a couple of weeks ago, spring is just around the corner – and it’s not unreasonable to think that love may well be in the air.  A romance between co-workers is a tried and tested theme of many rom-coms, but in real life can employers regulate this kind of […]

3 Feb 2017

Could your past (tweets) come back to haunt you? – Fair Dismissal

Some of us are guilty of an angry tweet now and then in the heat of the moment, but what if this angry tweet was on your public profile and insulted your place of work? This was the case in Creighton v Together Housing Association Ltd where the employment tribunal held that an employee was […]

1 Feb 2017

Too much sugar or not enough? – Diabetes and Discrimination

In Taylor v Ladbrokes Betting and Gaming Ltd, the EAT allowed an appeal against a tribunal’s finding that an employee who suffered from type 2 diabetes was not considered disabled under the Equality Act 2010. The judge had not addressed the question whether type 2 diabetes could be regarded as a progressive condition; the right […]

6 Jan 2017

Has Uber taken its drivers for a ride?

If you live in London, the chances are that you’ve used Uber for its quick and easy taxi service. But whilst it may be making our lives easier, it seems to be driving its workers crazy. Earlier last year two Uber drivers took Uber to court, arguing that they were employees of the company, rather […]

15 Dec 2016

A Work Christmas Party Gone Wrong – Vicarious Liability

It wouldn’t really be Christmas without our usual warning of Christmas party high jinks, would it? I promise no bah humbug here, just doing our job…. So, it might be the season of goodwill and yet at one Christmas party, there was a little bit more damage left than just a few hangovers. The case […]

15 Dec 2016

Gender Pay

The Government published updated draft regulations on Gender Pay on 6 December 2016, which are expected to come into force on 6 April 2017.
The Regulations have addressed some of the concerns raised during consultation on the earlier version, including: Defining ‘relevant employee’ to include workers and employees, but with an exception from the reporting duty […]

23 Nov 2016

Dealing with Discrimination – The ‘Gay Cake’ Case

So, the ‘gay cake’ case (more formally known as Lee v Ashers Baking Company), has been back in the news this week as the bakers try to work out whether they can appeal to a higher court, and if so which one? This is a tricky issue and involves a conflict between beliefs and anti-discrimination […]

7 Nov 2016

Can a dismissal be implied?

A dismissal must be clearly communicated to an employee and in the case of Sandle v Adecco, it could not be implied that the employment relationship had been terminated. In this case, the agency employee had been on secondment to a company. When the assignment ended, the agency made no effort to find the employee […]