It’s Election time (again….) so what might that mean for employers?

Everyone’s fed up of hearing about it, but as the General Election races closer, it’s fair to say whoever wins is going to impact massively on our employment laws. The leading parties have published their manifestos, each making commitments that may or may not be effective.
There’s no big surprises for employers in the Tory manifesto. They have promised to maintain existing rights post-Brexit, continue the review into employment status, and to introduce new rights. These new rights focus on workers which employers should keep note of. This includes the right to request unpaid time off for training, and care for sick relatives, child bereavement leave. These unpaid rights clearly maintain this business efficacy the Tories are famed for.
On the other end of the spectrum, Labour has proposed a complete overhaul. Scrapping tribunal fees, making existing employment rights available from day one of employment and increasing maternity and paternity pay. Zero hour contracts would be banned and a new Ministry of Labour would be created to ensure all employment rights are enforced, and give unions new rights in the workplace. All existing EU law rights would be preserved following Brexit.  Wow, if Labour get in, we’ll all be very busy!
The Lib Dems have gone for an alternative approach. They argue to keep the UK in the Single Market, preserving freedom of movement within the EU. They promise to introduce name-blind recruitment in the public sector, address the abuse of zero hour contracts. They would make flexible working, paternity and shared parental leave “day one” rights, and create more leave for fathers. They would also abolish tribunal fees.
Clearly there are Cross-overs with what each are saying but whether these promises are kept will remain to be seen. Watch this space!