Employment Law 101 #3. Recruitment – and how to get the package right! Webinar and audio recording

Recruitment – and how to get the package right!

In the third webinar of our latest #employmentlaw101 series, Verity and Sarah discussed recruitment – and how to attract and retain the right talent! As always, lots of key areas were covered:-

  • What does success mean to employees now?
  • Is it all about the money or much much more?
  • The importance of creating a culture and values that attracts the right talent
  • When money isn’t everything – giving thought and time to important areas like mental health, flexibility, creating a place of work that is inviting for your staff, closing the gender pay gap, your social responsibility as an organisation, and diversity and inclusion, including neurodiversity

We covered a lot of ground yesterday, so if you missed the session, don’t worry! You can watch us by clicking on the recording below or listening to us on our very own Spotify channel!

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