Employment Law 101 – Au Revoir (But Not Goodbye) – Post Termination Watch Outs

Can you believe that it is nearly six months since we started our #EmploymentLaw101 series? 

We have taken you on a journey through the employee lifecycle, from recruitment all the way through to termination, and this week in our final coffee break sized session of this series we are going to finish the season with some things to think about after an employee has left your employment – include enforcing post termination restrictive covenants, protecting confidential information and ensuring that you don’t fall into the trap of post termination victimisation.

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If you are not already signed up, then you are missing out: ‘These coffee break sessions are BRILLIANT!’ said one of our attendees who tuned in live last week. The session are free, you can sign up using the link below to join us live, and you can check out our website or search for employment law 101 on Spotify to catch up on the sessions you’ve missed.

Last week, Adrienne and Sarah cantered through the huge topic of termination of employment. They discussed how to avoid unfair dismissals, some key things to consider in relation to redundancy, capability and conduct exits, and told you how to conduct ‘off the record’ exit conversations as safely as possible (tip: always have a process to fall back on!). If you couldn’t join the session live, then you can catch up HERE if you want to see Sarah demonstrating how she has been known to give legal advice with just an eyebrow, or if you can live without that particular visual masterpiece, then tune in to Spotify to catch up on the session audio only.

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Although we are finishing up this season of #EL101 this week, these sessions have proved so popular that we are considering running a series 2, but we need your help to do that. If there are topics that you would like to see covered, or covered in greater detail, then please drop our wonderful Paralegal, Helena an email at Helena@mpmlegal.co.uk and she will collate all the responses so we can look at shaping season 2 bespoke to your requests!