Employment Law 101 – Family Friendly Rights – how to fly rather than fail

We hope you are enjoying our journey through the employee lifecycle. During this week’s free coffee break sized session we will take you on a flying tour of the family friendly rights you need to get to grips with and share our key watch outs to make sure you navigate the journey in the right way for those of your teams who need to rely on these rights, as well as avoiding some of the potential traps that we have seen clients have to contend with over the years.

If you are already signed up to the #EL101 sessions, just sit back and relax until Thursday at 11 am, when you can log in and join us as normal. Listeners tell us that these sessions are fun and accessible, and that they explain complicated employment law concepts in a pragmatic and user friendly way, so if you have been carrying on your work as an HR professional or business owner since September oblivious to the opportunity to experience Employment Law 101 for yourself, then it’s not too late to join us – it’s free, you simply have to sign up using the link below to join us live, and you can check out our website or search for employment law 101 on Spotify to catch up on the sessions you’ve missed.

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Last week Sarah and Peter whizzed you through the enormous topic of individual and collective redundancy in just over 30 minutes – no mean feat for such a huge subject area! If you weren’t able to join us live, the session is linked below so you can watch and listen at your leisure to find out the key questions we always ask clients when they come to us for advice on redundancy, how to run a fair redundancy process, and why Sarah just doesn’t want to entertain the prospect of a redundancy consultation that lasts less than two weeks…