Employment Law 101 – Right to Work Checks: remote checks and updates

Did you know that the Right to Work Check process changed yet again in September? In this age of remote working, how do you do a remote check? What if somebody doesn’t have the right documents?  Grab a coffee and join us for week 2 of season 2 of our Employment 101 at 11am on 10 November 2022 when Victoria and Adrienne will take you through it and answer any queries you might have. Feel free to come armed with your difficult examples!

If you want to join us and haven’t already signed up it’s not too late, just click on the link below to register to be sure you get your invite.

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Last week, Adrienne and Peter talked about what flexible working looks like post-covid and discussed the potential impacts on employees such as burn-out. Feeling like you missed out? Don’t worry! You can catch up on the conversation in the video below or listen on Spotify.