Employment law 101 – the future of work – Coaching business leaders – Thursday 9th March @11am

Undoubtedly there is still a disconnect between business leaders’ idea of “the new normal” and those of the employees.  Join us with a guest speaker, leadership coach Deese Pointon, on how to help achieve #courageousleadership
This is a must see session for anyone interested in senior leadership coaching.

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Are the days of non-compete clauses in employment contracts numbered?

Love them or loathe them, non-compete clauses in employment contracts are a real thing in the UK and, contrary to popular belief, enforceable.

But as we face a potential bonfire of EU derived laws and the spectre of general deregulation in the workplace, there are growing calls for non-competes to be trashed.

Last week our employment law experts Peter and Adrienne discussed this divisive topic and took a look across the pond to see how impending legal changes may put pressure on the UK to follow suit.

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