Employment Law 101 – There is power in a union!

In last week’s #EmploymentLaw101 session Peter Beisty and Adrienne Hardy discussed how the cost of living crisis has led to a spike in industrial action since 2022. We’ve done more union related work in the past 18 months than at any time in the past 13 years.
  • The share of the workforce in a trade union in 2022 was 22.3% – a relatively stable number since 2015
  • Since 2022 there as been a wave of industrial disputes – 829,000 working days lost in December ’22, 281,000 days lost in July ’23
  • By March ’23 there were 303,000 UK workers involved in some form of labour dispute.

We also chatted through how trade union recognition works including:

  • why voluntary recognition is probably miles better than statutory (forced) recognition
  • what statutory recognition actually involves
  • what the bargaining unit, collective bargaining and recognition agreement all mean.
You can view our recording of our session below or listen on Spotify and all good podcast providers!
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