How are you managing yourself and your team through the pandemic? Free Webinar: A manager’s guide to wellbeing

Our January wellbeing webinar with @Louisa Thomas was focussed on the self – something to stave off the New Year blues and help people manage their individual stress as we headed into another lockdown. If you missed it you can view the recording.

For our next free wellbeing webinar, we are widening the focus to look at managers and their teams – to ask how are you managing yourself, but also, how do you manage your team during stressful times? Can you spot signs of stress in yourself and in others? Do you know how to help? @Sarah Wilder and @Verity Saxon are delighted to be joined by @Marc Kirby from Stress Management Plus, to discuss important questions such as:

  • What do we mean by stress?
  • How can managers support team members who are stressed – especially if the managers are stressed themselves?
  • What will an awesome leader do for their people to help them proactively manage stress – what does good look like?

This session is a must for anyone who wants to be ahead of the curve in managing the wellbeing of their team, so please register here to join us on Wednesday 24 February at 11 am to be part of the discussion. There’s no cost – it’s just a great way for us to help our clients and contacts as we all navigate these incredibly ‘interesting times’.

As an added bonus, anyone who signs up to the webinar will receive a free copy of Mark’s brilliant guide to Developing and Maintaining Resilience During Uncertain Times after the webinar is over – it’s full of fantastic tips and it’s already saved on our desktops!