Managing your team during stressful times

If you missed Sarah Wilder and Verity Saxon talking to Marc Kirby of Stress Management Plus about identifying and managing your own stress, as well as your team’s last Wednesday morning, then you missed out!

Marc covered a range of topics relating to stress, from what we mean by stress, to how managers can support their team members who are stressed, and how businesses can be cultural pioneers by tackling stress proactively, seeing wellbeing as the flipside of performance, and making this part of great quality conversations with their people in the workplace. If that’s enough to intrigue you, and you couldn’t join us live, a recording of the webinar is available here.

Throughout the session, Marc refers to a number of stress management resources he has created or refers to when guiding his clients through managing stress in the workplace.  Anyone signed up to our alerter will automatically receive a copy of Marc’s resources. If you are not already signed up to receive our alerters, don’t delay! You can sign up here and receive an email with them.

What else have we got lined up for you in Spring 2021?

Well, we have some more fantastic webinars coming your way in March and beyond:

Adrienne Hardy and Peter Beisty are going to be sharing more of their wisdom about business immigration in their webinar ‘Why EU [geddit?] need an immigration sponsor licence in 2021’ – it promises to be a really useful session for anyone looking to widen their talent pool outside the UK. Register here

Sarah and Verity are going to be taking a deep dive into the impact of the pandemic on women in the workplace, including discussing the gender pay gap reporting obligations and blockers to female progression.  Watch this space for more details.