Are mothers AND fathers being punished at work?

A recent report has found that many fathers do not feel that their childcare needs are being supported in the workplace. The report found that fathers are more likely to face objections when seeking an improved work-life balance, for example when requesting flexible working, while mothers are more likely to be praised for their dedication to the division of time and focus between work and family.
An increasing number of fathers are wanting to downshift into less stressful jobs or work fewer hours to accommodate family life. Currently, men only make up ¼ of the part-time workforce and are often paid significantly less in part time roles than their female counterparts.
The shift in social attitude that is needed to enable workers to be treated fairly based on their skill and output rather than familial choices (or indeed desire to work flexibly for non-family reasons) has yet to impact the attitude of some employers. Rules on Gender Pay Gap Reporting will impact employers with 250 or more employees from next month, with the results potentially influencing employees’ choices on where to work for a fairer deal on pay and progression but there is still a long way to go to achieve equality in the workplace, and to avoid reputational damage, employers need to ensure that everything is being done to address the disparities that still exist.
If you are an employer who is affected by the Gender Pay Gap Reporting rules and would like us to help you through the process, please get in touch – some further information on the work we are doing with some of our clients can be found here