mpm legal – What’s coming up?  

With summer feeling like a long distant memory, here at mpm legal we have been putting our minds towards our Autumn/Winter webinar programme, and we’ve got some great sessions in the pipeline for you!

Here is a snippet of our plans for the coming months:

Our Top Cases of 2021 webinar – On 30 September 2021 at 11am, Adrienne, Peter, Sarah and Verity will be online and ready to talk to you about their top cases of 2021 (so far):-

  • Adrienne will be weaving a sorry tale of how NOT to handle a disciplinary, ably demonstrated by the employer in the Colin Kane case;
  • Peter will be talking about Equal Pay and what employers should be thinking about post the latest stage of the long running supermarket litigation;
  • Sarah will be discussing when beliefs are protected, even though they might cause distress to others, following the Forstater case; and
  • Verity will be discussing the impact of the case brought by Alice Thompson against her employers who wouldn’t let her work flexibly when she needed to for childcare reasons… and are probably now regretting that decision for at least £180,000 different reasons.

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Weekly Employment Law 101 Coffee Break Sessions with mpm legal – Starting in October 2021every Thursday at 11am the team will be running a weekly coffee break session lasting 20 to 30 minutes:-

  • Each week will focus on a different aspect of the employee lifecycle – from hiring to firing and all that comes in between.
  • We will also be focussing on any topical subjects in the press and giving you our take on them!
  • The sessions will be recorded and available to play back as a video or audio only, so you can check in and catch up at a time that suits you.
  • This is your mpm legal Employment Law 101 so save the date – starting 7 October!

‘Not Just Women’s Issues’ webinar – In November 2021, Verity, Sarah and Adrienne will be presenting a thought leadership piece where they will discuss some of the issues that particularly impact women in the workplace:-

  • Topics such as periods and the menopause have historically been taboo, but as employers increasingly focus on how they can make all of their staff feel included, matters that were previously swept under the carpet as ‘women’s issues’ have come very much into the light – and with women making up a large proportion of the workforce, this trend is unlikely to be reversed.
  • Employers are also opening their eyes to personal experiences that impact both women and men, such as managing the tragedy of pregnancy loss, or the impact of fertility issues, how they can support staff who are experiencing these challenges, and what rights they can give their employees to help ease the burden.

Registration link to follow so watch this space…

This is just a taste of what’s to come this Autumn/Winter at mpm legal.  We’ve put together a programme that gives you access to the full range of our expertise – if you join us you can be confident that you will be up to date with all the key topical discussions, gaining access to our legal knowledge and our own mpm legal take on the issues that matter, as well as fully equipped to tackle any stage of the employee lifecycle with confidence. What are you waiting for?