‘Open Mike!’ Next Webinar: 20 December 2023 at 11.30am

Webinars ‘R Us! @mpmlegalIt’s the last Open Mike! of 2023…

When @michaelfarrier and @markminns will be covering some really thorny topics for our listeners, including employees drafting their own settlement agreements, and Christmas gifts and hospitality and…how did the Xmas Party go…?

The next Open Mike! will be on 20 December 2023 so please come and join us at 11.30am!


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If you wish to chat to us about any issue or suggest topics to be covered in the next session, please get in touch with michael@mpmlegal.co.uk

Ps. We recognise that some of the discussion topics may be sensitive. We won’t be posting this session in any of our various feeds but if you have a sensitive matter you would like to discuss please email details to michael@mpmlegal.co.uk and we will deal with them on an anonymous basis. In any event, any scenarios that are shared, will be treated anonymously in the session.