The future of work: can your staff really work from anywhere?

Many businesses now operate flexibly and allow employees to work from anywhere in the world for several weeks per year. But there may be hidden implications of being so generous with your workforce! Join us for the first Employment 101 session of 2023 where Victoria and a special guest speaker, David Yewdall of Evelyn Partners, will take a look at the employment, immigration and tax implications of a worldwide flexible working policy. This will be essential listening for any companies with remote workers!

To join the session live at 11 am on Thursday, 12th January 2023, sign in using the link below.

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In our last #employmentlaw101 webinar Adrienne and Peter discussed how to manage performance issues with both short service employees and those who work fully or partially remote. We looked at:

  • tweaking processes to maximise the success of a new hire remote worker
  • how going back to basics can work wonders
  • how not to get caught out by conflating presence with performance

Don’t worry if you missed out – you can catch up with all of our webinars via Spotify or on our website.