Webinar: A work from anywhere future?

The world has changed significantly during 2020, and one of the positive effects of the global pandemic is the acceleration of remote working as a viable business tool.  Our Sarah Wilder and Verity Saxon were joined by Lucy Reid, Director – Global Employee Services at RMS to talk about the possibility of  work from anywhere future – what to think about, what challenges this way of working might present, and what benefits there are for businesses and staff.

Questions were asked and answered live throughout the webinar, but one question left our panellists scratching their heads… So, if your question was if someone had an accident at home during working hours would they need to report it as a workplace accident/incident,  we can now confirm that The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 do not apply to a domestic dwelling.  An employer has a duty to take reasonable care of their employee’s health and safety, for example by ensuring that an appropriate risk assessment is carried out, but would only be likely to be responsible for an accident at home if it was due to the employer’s negligence.  That said, our view is that it is always good to know if something is happened to one of your people, so there is certainly no harm in asking your staff to report any issues to you.

Sarah and Verity definitely have more to say on this topic, so watch this space for our next webinar in the series!