What would a new government mean for UK employment rights?

Swings: good for gardens and byelection results. But what would a new government mean for businesses employing people?

Handily, Labour have talked about some of the ideas they have for their first 100 days of government, if elected, and this formed the basis of our most recent Employment Law 101 webinar last week. During it, our employment law experts Adrienne Hardy and Peter Beisty discussed:

  • Simplification of the statutory trade union recognition process
  • trade unions having a new legal right to access the workplace
  • repealing the minimum service level laws concerning strike action
  • a ban on all zero-hour contracts
  • doubling the employment tribunal claim time limit from 3 to 6 months
  • introducing more ‘day 1’ rights for employees
  • ending the practice of ‘fire and re-hire’

Watch a recording of our webinar here.