Why EU need an immigration sponsor licence in 2021  

“We don’t need a sponsor licence…”
“…we have no plans to recruit from overseas”

Yes we hear this a lot, but Brexit might make you think differently; are you limiting your access to the talent pool?

On 1 December 2020 the UK government introduced a revamped point-based system for sponsoring migrant workers including those EU workers who were not in the UK before 31 December 2020. If you have hired workers from the EU in the past, to continue to do so you will need to be registered as a sponsor with UKVI. Do you want to leave this until the point where your business has identified an overseas candidate? That could leave you behind the curve.

We have seen a lot of interest from companies who want to tap into the global talent pool and who recognise that recruiting from solely within the UK might not meet their future needs. Those that don’t have a licence already are applying now so that they are ready to go when talent is identified.

Please join Adrienne Hardy and Peter Beisty on Tuesday 9th March at 11.00 am for our free webinar in which we’ll be discussing what the sponsor licence application process looks like, why recruiting migrant workers might be easier than you previously thought and even where you may not have a choice but to apply for one.


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