Working from anywhere: The new normal or a chance to reset?

What do you need to know about making remoteworking work, and is this your chance to press the resetbutton on your company’s approach?

Webinar on Tuesday 1st December 2020, 10-11am

In the first episode of this webinar series, Sarah Wilder and Verity Saxon, Employment Law Specialists at mpm legal will be taking you through the key HR issues that you need to know when your employees are working remotely in the UK.

They are also delighted to be joined by Lucy Reid, Employer Solutions Director at RSM UK Tax and Accounting Limited who will be sharing her expertise on the international issues for employees working remotely abroad, and discussing the tax related issues that apply to remote working.

Verity and Sarah will also be sharing their thoughts and ideas on how to press the reset button and think proactively about remote working. Rather than simply reacting to the reality of the pandemic (‘the new normal’) what impact could proactively pressing reset have on your business in terms of culture, mental health, work life balance, retention of staff, productivity and diversity?

We will cover:

  • Key practical HR issues to help manage remote working in-country
  • HR/tax/social security/legal issues to consider when remote working internationally 
  • How and what can you be doing to reset your organisation’s ‘working from anywhere’ design and the impact this can have on the business

Questions – the more the merrier please! Email them over to us before the session at or put us on the spot and ask live using the Q&A function during the session  – we will answer as many as we can!

The webinar will be recorded, so don’t worry if you are not able to attend – the recording will be posted on our website here after the session.
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